Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How-To Tuesday: How to love Bluetooth in the 2011 Buick LaCrosse

We know that sometimes it can be a long road to falling in love with your new car.  Most new cars these days have a plethora of features that take a bit of time to get used to.  It's not just limited to cars, either--the same thing can be said about many cell phones these days!

If you've recently started driving the 2011 Buick LaCrosse in Columbia, South Carolina, your car may have Bluetooth hands-free connectivity.  (It's standard on the CXL and CXS trims, and available on the entry-level CX model as part of the Comfort and Convenience Package.)  Jim Hudson, as your Columbia Buick dealer, is happy to offer this short clip from Buick that demonstrates setting up the Bluetooth feature with your phone and using it to place and receive calls.

It's just another thing to love about the 2011 Buick LaCrosse!

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