Thursday, October 7, 2010

Does Columbia Love a smaller Buick?

Buick Verano teaser from GM
If you're like many Columbia Buick lovers, you probably remember Buick's last run in the compact car segment: the Buick Skylark.  Last produced in 1998, the Skylark's demise left Buick buyers forced to choose a bigger entry-level sedan (first the Century, then the LaCrosse, then most recently the new Regal).

All that is due to change soon, as General Motors has announced a $145-million investment in their Orion Assembly Center last used to build the Pontiac G6.  Once retooled, the plant will create a new small car for Chevrolet and, more important to those that love a Buick in Columbia, an all-new Buick compact sedan dubbed the Verano.  Buick has released just one teaser image of the Verano, seen at the right, but hopefully more information will leak out soon enough.  (Sources are reporting that the Verano should share a platform with the just-released Chevrolet Cruze.)

What do you think?  Is it time for something smaller than a Buick Regal in Columbia?

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