Monday, August 9, 2010

Rumormill: Buick to receive flagship Lexus LS competitor?

Chinese market 2010 Buick Park Avenue
Here's a piece of news that may make Columbia, SC love a Buick even more: Sources reporting to GM Inside News are indicating that GM is in the early stages of a flagship, rear-wheel-drive sedan that would go up against such rivals as the Lexus LS series.  Such a sedan would be based on a premium version of GM's Australian-sourced Zeta platform; more pedestrian Zetas have been on American shores for a few years, most notably as the dearly-departed Pontiac G8.  Of course, as these rumors go, the plans are still in the early stages without so much as a sketch; the closest inspiration may be the Chinese-market Buick Park Avenue seen at the right.

What say you, Columbia?  Would this have you rushing for your Columbia Buick dealer?

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